What is your name?


What’s the story behind @peaceactress?

I liked the way the words sounded together and I love actresses.

What are your thoughts on silence?

I find silence to be helpful at times, when I’m overwhelmed by information.
It can help with discernment and wayfinding.
But when it starts to show itself as passivity, inaction, ignorance, is when I think it’s important to come out of it.

What’s your relationship to religion and spirituality currently like?

I need faith in my life, it sustains me and I think it sustains a lot of people around me.
I believe in the consequence of things, of thought and action, in the sense that energy lives on.
I think everyone has the ability to guide and be guided.
That’s a kind of faith, right?

Who’s your favourite pop star?

Summer Walker, Jazmine Sullivan, Lee Hyori

What’s your relationship to social media currently?

It can easily become a vortex but I feel like it’s proving to be vital right now.

Is there a type of character you want to explore in your writing?


Why are you choosing to go back to university to study teaching?

A lot of my favourite filmmakers and artists teach.
And I see teachers as artists too.
It requires you to be creative in a different way, to understand something deeply enough to communicate it to young people in an effective enough way that they can hold onto it and carry it with them.
I think the idea of understanding kids as learners is beautiful and important and I admire people who are passionate about it.

How do you know when you’re not experiencing things clearly?

I know I’m not experiencing things clearly when I’m tired or if I’m not present when I’m around other people.
Sometimes you don’t know until after the fact.

What now?

We keep moving and we keep asking each other questions.